Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My New & Not So New Neighbors

Moving to the sunny side of the street has it's advantages. Especially a new set of neighbors and a different back alley in which to say hello. My experience here has been one filled with friendliness and welcome. I love the diversity of this block - it's SO not Main Street, and I hope it starts to get recognition for offering a REAL shopping destination.

Just outside my back door, this new tapas place by Sava is my go to after work with friends. Great for a snack, a sangria or dinner, I am always wowed by everything that I have tried. Friendly, helpful staff help you pick just the right thing...

Aunt Agatha's
Oddly enough, I had never gone into this gem until I moved into the building. The go to place for new and used mystery and crime books with a sale rack full of bargains outside. My clients enjoy stopping in on their way into the salon. Once I am done settling, I see myself spending more time in there.

Dear Golden Vintage
 Next door to Aunt Agatha's. I really look forward to this place being here. Spectacular vintage women's dressy clothing from the 20's on up sold in a dream like setting. Opening any day now. Nice!

Literati Book Store
We needed this store.  For so many reasons.  I'm happy to see a practical store find a home downtown thriving.  Like a tiny Border's, Literati offers the things you want and need, without the fluff. Check their website for the myriad of events happening here.

Shakti Massage (Soon to be Live Well Massage)
Right down the hall from me, Leah does massage specialized for injuries and repetitive motion.  The space is transitioning from a yoga / massage studio into a wellness center with different sorts of classes targeting wellness and partnering with a nearby chiropractor.
Contact Leah @ 734-546-4040

Today Men's Clothing
What better shop to move into the gallery project space? High end men's clothing, shoes and accessories with matching high end customer service.  The place is gorgeous.  I think I'd like to move in...

Transition Rack Bikes
A full service bike shop selling a wide variety of quality road, triathlon, mountain, cyclocross and fixie/track bikes.  The employees are all mechanics, so you are ensured a knowledgeable experience, whether buying, accessorizing or having repairs done.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Enough With Winter Already!

My hands and feet suffer the most in winter than any other part of me.  And I'm not even someone who needs to moisturize.  Ever.
So, here are my top products to help survive the misery of winter sucking the life right out of you.

Swiss Foot File - $20
Thankfully, they changed the name from "pedi-file" to foot file.  Those crazy Swiss!  A lifetime file, not the kind you use once and it loses it's grit. The grit seems to be encapsulated in some sort of teflon coating - it's not going anywhere.  This pedicure file for callused skin is double sided with a fine and a coarse side, and is antibacterial and waterproof. I love it and use it several times a week.

Callus Cream- $20 for 2.6 oz. /  $6 for .7 oz.

This magic cream loosens the cell bonds of the hard callus layers.  The intensive care formula immediately softens and noticeably reduces calluses within a few days, especially when used with the foot file.

QTICA Cuticle Cream - $18

I apply this balm every night before bed, so it has all night to work it's magic.  This is the 1 ounce size that comes in a glass jar, using a beeswax base, it is healing and antibacterial.  Tortured, red, inflamed and torn cuticles are a thing of the past. Great also on cuts, burns and especially on lips to keep them kissing smooth. OOH la la!

Wella Enrich Moisture Treatment - $14

This high performance treatment works to restore damaged hair with ingredients such as silk extract and shea butter.  Your hair is repaired, protected and hydrated without being weighed down. Use a couple times a week in addition to your shampoo and condition routine.