Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Easy Breezy in the Summer

Thinking about my upcoming August vacation, I am deciding how to pack the least amount of stuff with the most usefulness.  I'll be swimming with Quincy at a beach house for 5 days on Lake Huron starting on August 20, so please make any back to school appointments ASAP.

I find that while I tend to be all around low maintenance, I like for my summer routine to be even quicker, lighter, easier.  Face it (a pun?), we all have a certain glow in the summer months that I like to let shine through and pare down what I use to get ready (when I actually BOTHER to get ready).
Whether going on vacation or not, these products make looking polished a breeze.

For Face

My private label cosmetics line has a myriad of affordable problem solvers, from lipstick sealer to eyeshadow magnet.  I've recently seen a ton of print about face primers that "blur" and realized that we have carried 2 varieties for several years now.  I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  I have extremely oily skin and try to put as little as possible on it, but the Pore Perfecting Face Primer was perfect to dust my mineral powder over to have great looking even skin tone that allows your powder or liquid makeup to glide on and look even more gorgeous. Try the tester next time you come in - Use just a dab for perfect results!

Pore Perfecting Face Primer for normal to oily skin - $14

RetextureCREME Face Primer for normal to dry skin - $21

My most basic summer cosmetic wardrobe is super quick and does double duty.  Mineral Powder prevents shine, evens out my skin tone and hides any other bothersome blemishes, Volume X mascara  both lengthens lashes and is a nice brow color and LipToxyl lip gloss not only gives you a shiny, glittery color to your lips, but also super plumps them up.  Now there's no excuse not to primp!

Mineral Powder Foundation, $20.00
VolumeX Mascara $12.50
LipToxyl Sheer $20.00

And for the rest of yourself...

A quick spray and a minute of blow-dry can give you volume and separation like you just came from a day at the beach.  I love it in my fine straight hair...
New Zoya Summer colors in both cream and glitter styles make you wanna show off those summer toes in cute sandals or go barefoot!

Wella Ocean Spritz - $16

Zoya Nail Color - $9.00

As for the rest of my travel supplies, there will be 3 bathing suits, 2 sarongs, flip flops, my yoga mat, my camera and my rubber inflatable boat and some hoodies, leggings and sneakers for night star watching of the Perseids meteor shower on the beach.  AHHHHHHH.