Monday, October 27, 2014

It's Time to Treat Yourself...

So, I am never happy just plugging along with the status quo.  I love getting excited about new services, new products and seasonal colors, so I decide to add a trio of both practical and pampering services just in time for the holidays.  Hmm, sounds like these might make a great gift for someone!

Wella LuxeOil Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment $20 / $10 with a hair service


Using the LuxeOil Shampoo, this service starts with an intoxicating massaging shampoo and follows up with the Hair Mask and Restorative Elixer blended and massaged through the hair to be followed with 10 minutes under a warm dryer for smoothness and hair repair before rinsing.

Facial Waxing

I found a gentle alternative to traditional wax.  Nufree is a wax free product that is great for those with sensitive skin, does not leave a residue and effectively pulls the entire hair out.

I'll be doing brow arches, lips and chins starting next week.
Services are $12 each, $20 for any two or $25 for all three.

Hand Treatment with Paraffin $15


First, an generous application of healing, soothing cuticle balm, followed by a moisturizing massage using Qtica luxury lotion, then off for a dip in the paraffin bath. I'll wrap you up to let the heat do it's magic and after 10 minutes, voila!  Relaxed, moisturized happy hands.

Try adding one or all of these new treatments to your next visit, but remember to book them ahead of time, so I have plenty of time to spend on you...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Wella LuxeOil Line is Magnificent

The smell of this new smoothing and reconstructing line is heavenly! With almond, argon and jojoba oils to strengthen, soften and smooth. I'll be using this at the back bar when you get come in for a service, so here's a primer to what the line consists of...


From Wella: For lightweight, luxurious cleansing. This professional shampoo gently cleanses impurities while keratin and panthenol penetrate the hair to anchor water molecules with hair proteins for strength and hair reconstruction.
My experience: After using this, I am amazed at how the hair feels stronger and protected, without any kind of residue feel after styling. It really is a luxury experience.


Infuses the hair to strengthen the keratin and leave the 
hair smooth and moisturized. Provides the perfect foundation for styling and cutting.
I like using a cutting lotion because it smooths down the cuticle and makes your comb glide to give a more precise cut.  This also means a more smooth surface for style foundation. While it is a conditioning spray, it doesn't weight down the hair with an overly moist feeling.  Use after shampoo for combing out hair.


This special formula softens hair without weighing it down. For use on wet and dry hair for optimal nourishing and smoothening effect.
Similar to the Wella OilReflections in its delivery, the focus of this elixir is rebuilding fragile hair and creating smoothness. Use before styling.

Not pictured above, but on the back bar and in stock soon:


Instantly reconstructs hair fiber to improve texture and leave hair soft to the touch.

Trying this, it is easy to over use. Due to it's extreme thickness, you will have a tendency to scoop out too much.  This mask is SO thick, that truly, a tiny bit goes a long way. Hair feels slippery and comb able after use. Use occasionally after shampooing.