Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MOP Pear Duo for Baby

Even though I choose each of my products in the salon very carefully because of their amazing qualities, pricepoint and filling a need, everyone knows that Modern Organic Products are still my favorite all time products. I was a MOP educator for years, travelling around the state teaching classes about supporting organic farming and using these products with recycled packaging and certified organic ingredients.  It is a very small line, but every product in it packs a wallop and outsells everything else have had for years.

The MOP Pear Smapoo and Pear Detangler duo is a great useful and luxurious gift for any baby and contains real pear and no artificial coloring for a delicious relaxing bath time. The shampoo has a no tears Ph, so it can be used both as a shampoo AND a bubble bath that smells amazing. It's concentrated, so a tiny bit should be enough.  Finsh off bath time with the detangler to make combing baby's hair easier.  

Pear Shampoo $14 / Pear Detangler $12

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