Wednesday, April 8, 2015

For Lips Only

I was just taking spring inventory of the Salon Vertigo cosmetics and fell in love all over again with the huge variety of lip colors and a delivery methods available.  All of my lipsticks are cruelty free, fragrance and preservative free, hypoallergenic and made in the USA. Here is a rundown of lip products and benefits from most coverage to least:


Luxury Matte Lipstick - Heavy on the pigment, low on shine, this lipstick has the longest wear and still glides on smoothly like a regular lipstick. Our most popular seller! Comes in 13 colors.

Micro Bubble Lipstick Creamy, long-lasting, feather resistant with a high pigment level.  Micro-bubble spheres continually release special conditioners that keep color looking fresh for hours. Comes in 9 colors. 

Luxury Lipstick - Creamy, lip plumping formula helps to minimize fine lines. Comes in 11 colors. 

Luxury Lipshine - Shine with a transparent tint and an SPF of 15.  Great for that "not made up" look. Comes in 6 colors


Liquid Lustre - Packed with color and glitter and gloss, plus plumping. WOW! 4 colors with a stick/brush applicator.

Super Gloss - Semi translucent color with vitamins A and E. Squeeze and smooth tube application comes in 8 colors.

LipToxyl Sheer - Sheer color gloss with super plumping power contains real diamond dust. Comes in 4 shades with a wand/stick applicator.

LipToxyl x3 - 3 times the plumping power with no tint. Wear alone or over another lip color.

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