Sunday, March 2, 2014

Enough With Winter Already!

My hands and feet suffer the most in winter than any other part of me.  And I'm not even someone who needs to moisturize.  Ever.
So, here are my top products to help survive the misery of winter sucking the life right out of you.

Swiss Foot File - $20
Thankfully, they changed the name from "pedi-file" to foot file.  Those crazy Swiss!  A lifetime file, not the kind you use once and it loses it's grit. The grit seems to be encapsulated in some sort of teflon coating - it's not going anywhere.  This pedicure file for callused skin is double sided with a fine and a coarse side, and is antibacterial and waterproof. I love it and use it several times a week.

Callus Cream- $20 for 2.6 oz. /  $6 for .7 oz.

This magic cream loosens the cell bonds of the hard callus layers.  The intensive care formula immediately softens and noticeably reduces calluses within a few days, especially when used with the foot file.

QTICA Cuticle Cream - $18

I apply this balm every night before bed, so it has all night to work it's magic.  This is the 1 ounce size that comes in a glass jar, using a beeswax base, it is healing and antibacterial.  Tortured, red, inflamed and torn cuticles are a thing of the past. Great also on cuts, burns and especially on lips to keep them kissing smooth. OOH la la!

Wella Enrich Moisture Treatment - $14

This high performance treatment works to restore damaged hair with ingredients such as silk extract and shea butter.  Your hair is repaired, protected and hydrated without being weighed down. Use a couple times a week in addition to your shampoo and condition routine.

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