Friday, March 20, 2015

Early Spring, Time for Renewal

Wow.  February was especially brutal this year.  While we had half a year of excruciating cold and snow LAST winter, it seemed that we were having no winter this year.  Until february - my birthday month is always unapologetically miserable.  Best to just hibernate, watch Netflix, eat warm gooey food and wait. Or take a vacation to Miami. Which is what I did...

Getting out of the mitten in winter is usually what I do in January every year by going to L.A. to visit one of my best friends for a long weekend of sun and r&r.  But it's NOT Miami, with it's wonderfully diverse people, never-ending beach culture and everglades experience.
This trip was my birthday gift from one of my very bestie girlfriends who has a condo down there.  Girl time for 5 days and water everywhere you go.  My favorite thing!

Hollywood Beach
Lunch at the Fountainebleu

 My favorite outing was stopping by my alma mater (this one in South Beach) Vidal Sassoon for a new cut.  Nothing recharges my creativity like getting a new haircut, seeing the  new for 2015 styles and trying different products in my hair.  This motivation made me finish all of the idle projects to complete the salon move (thanks to Matt and Jim) after one year.  I have been keeping that motivation going with online education to refresh my spring offering for both cuts and colors.

Salon Vertigo sporting a fresh new look 

Yet another redo of the logo.  I think this is THE one.

Kima shows off her new layered bob
 Roxy has geometry AND color

As you can see, I'm inspired to look at things differently after having a much needed getaway.  Proof that this needs to happen MUCH more often. In the meantime, on it's way to the salon soon:

Satin finish spring natural Zoya polish $9

Wella Blondor Freelights highlighting service

Hope to see you soon in my chair!

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  1. I agree ... I waited too long to get out of my lair, but my trip to Miami for a conference at the Biltmore was too long in coming and inspired and invigorated me in a ways I haven't been in years. Love the new look of the Salon and the logo is a keeper. Hair cuts are beautiful and reflect your high standards. See you at the beginning of April.